Introducing the TorqueMonster

The final piece of the 1965 Coronet Great Dale re-imagining is complete.

The old 361 engine has been replaced with a 383 cubic inch block bored to 494 cubic inches with a custom camshaft to produce maximum torque with the available 600 hp.

The oddball ’65 transmission has been replaced with a ’66 standard transmission. A Gear Vendor overdrive was added to provide overdrive for highway driving and 1/2 gears for mountain pulling.

It apparently has been raced against many cars during the mechanic’s “burn-in” period, and many people were surprised as they watched the tail-end of the House Car take off ahead of them.

I made it all the way home on cruise and overdrive and the engine was barely engaged.  I accidentally hit 80 mph trying to pass someone on the freeway and the engine barely noticed.



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