Great Dale House Car for Sale in Columbia, South Carolina

1962 Buick electra front end.  Mileage reads 71,242.  It needs a transmission which we will supply to be included in the sale.  It ran when parked but only in low and reverse.  Does not respond in drive.  The camper is in great condition but needs work in the bed area over the seat.  One front windshield as well as the glass on the side door is cracked.  Needs glass in the side window at the top.  We have the title.  Asking $3500.00.  Buyer pays for transport.  It has been stored under cover for 10 years.  It is located in Columbia, South Carolina   Call Pete Johnson   803  783-6002

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This Was the Great Dale that We Really Wanted

Look at it. Look at it!!!

When we went down to Castle Rock three years ago to see the Great Dale we were going to buy, the family who was selling showed us their personal Great Dale too. It is made up of a 1960 Cadillac and a camper body which is unusual. Later on, Dale Wasinger spliced two vehicles together and stuck the camper body on top.  We wanted this RV so bad. Luckily for you, it is now for sale. This classic Great Dale House Car can be had by you for only $9500.

Unlike our Dale, the vehicle had been well taken care of inside and out and is in its original color. This RV has an extra two feet in length, has more kitchen and storage space. Look at the bucket seats!

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Dale Interior Updated

Here she is! Almost finished too. Only waiting to get the dash back. I’ve been looking for the perfect shade of turquoise for almost a year. Found the fabric in about a month.

We went to the Colorado Classic Campout at Starlite Classic Campground last weekend and saw one of the other Great Dales there. You can see it parked right behind us in the picture below.

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Exterior Almost Finished!!!

We can see the end of the Great Dale Restoration project thanks to these fine people who helped with the interior and exterior.

The Great Dale front end was completely stripped before heading off to Larry at Retro Restoration  Larry completely re-skinned the camper part and added a hidden bathroom before spraying the final paint job.

All of the trim was restored by Wade at

The bumper was sent off to Georgia, and the guys at AMS Obsolete ( did an amazing job.

The Dale didn’t have any emblems and I managed to get the complete set of original emblems, one at a time, after searching on Ebay for months.

Ron at Auto Weave Upholstery ( did the fantastic car interior and hooked me up with a specialist who could give it the final shine it needed, and fix the drivers side door.

And I can’t forget the fine folks at Mopower Masters ( are responsible for all the mechanical work that allows us to actually cruise down the highway reliably!

Here are the results:


Here is a chart to compare the changes

Sexy! IMG_1224
Sexy! IMG_1219
Sexy! IMG_1211
Sexy! IMG_1213
Sexy! IMG_1224
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Painted and ready for trim and a bumper

Larry at Retro Restoration ( is finished and the Great Dale looks fantastic.  The bumper (AMS Obsolete 706-337-5620) and trim ( are all back and look fantastic.  Now it is up to  Nick at Flatliner Rod Shop to put it all together (

Here’s the pics.

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Ready for skin

Larry at Retro Restoration works amazingly fast and is ready to skin and paint the Great Dale.

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Great Dale Skeleton

The skin is off and it looks amazing considering it is almost 50 years old.

Check out the pics:

IMG_20140206_134649_251 IMG_20140206_134838_505 IMG_20140206_135022_885

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The 1965 Dodge Coronet Goes Under the Knife

Now that we’re mechanically sound, it is time to make her look pretty again.

Here’s some pictures in the middle of the surgery.  She’s had surgery before and she’s got a new nose now.

IMG_20131206_165323_880 IMG_20131206_165307_341 IMG_20131206_165254_961

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2013 Trailer Trash Bash

We went to the 2013 Trailer Trash Bash The Starlite Classic Campground and are getting closer tot he final setup for camping.

Here’s some pictures.



Our Trailer Trash entry

Our Trailer Trash entry

New Awning and dog cage

New Awning and dog cage



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Colorado Mopar 2013 Car Show

The Great Dale is entered in its first car show if anyone wants to check it out.



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