Great Dale Swamp Cooler

The Great Dale Swamp Cooler prototype is complete and tested.

This is a modification of a modification of the home depot swamp coolers that people usually build for Burning Man.

I made a couple previously for burning man and learned a lot from my mistakes.

My version is hidden under the sunflowers on the right hand side. I can’t believe I didn’t take better pictures.

The idea here is that you can get better cooling with more surface area as per this post

DIY portable camping PVC pipe evap air conditioner

The big modification is the storage container and how I feed the water up the pipes.  I also added an auto-fill mechanism that will fill the base to a preset level when we’re connected to a water supply.

The next steps will be to add a switch to turn it on and off, build a good looking frame, and then get some way to direct the air.

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